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License # R1204

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Construction Contractor

License # BL-009782 City of Edmonds

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Construction Contractor

License # CARPEEL950MA

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General Contractor

License # UBI602517582

City of Shoreline General Business

Active (expires Jul 2016)


Our Vision

The economic climate within which we live could be viewed as a crisis. But, from our perspective, a crisis is an opportunity to ask some serious questions about home ownership and the wisdom of relocation when updating might be a better decision. Considerations are the comfort associated with the original home and neighborhood, time involved searching for another property, preparing and selling the existing home, commissions and closing costs, packing and moving expenses, and then discovering that there are updating issues and additional expenses. Carpentry by Elliott views remodeling as a viable alternative.


Involved in remodel construction are many different trades, i.e. site preparation, including demolition, rough and finish carpentry, electrical, plumbing, drywall, and paint. The most critical skill, however, in implementing any construction/remodel project is carpentry. Experience has taught us that on any large construction project, the foreman is typically an individual with strong carpentry skills.


Because Carpentry by Elliott is a small firm committed to the remodeling area of construction, we prefer hands-on involvement with clients. We are well-qualified and experienced in both the design and permitting processes and actively collaborate with owners in design and execution of their remodeling project, preferring to work closely with owners throughout the course of a project.



What sets us apart? A willingness to work closely with clients through the design, site preparation, rough and finish aspects of any project. In addition, we are able to design your project around a target budget and see it through to completion. Also, we are committed to your not being surprised at any point in the project's progress. We are committed to keeping you informed at all times.


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